How To Make A Garden Of Veggies From The Scraps

It will give you a certain feeling when you are cooking a dish from scratch that you get directly from your own garden. The sense of belonging which grows while you are taking care of them since a “baby” until it mingling with all of the seasonings on the pot will come across on your mind. But it is such a good feeling or a reward for your effort on avoiding the food waste and turn the scraps into something valuable. Besides, regrowing the scraps can help you to keep some bucks on the kitchen spending.
What are the possible scraps which can be growing into the new one? Let’s read this article thoroughly!

Image by Alexey Hulsov from Pixabay
  1. Carrot
    Carrot is the most favorite veggies with beautiful color and it is also the family member of root veggies. Carrot is easy to grow after you cut the top off it and place it in a tray with a shallow tray of water. As the day goes by, the green leaf will start to grow and it will look like parsley.
  2. Beet
    Same as the carrot, how to turn the beet scraps into a new one is by cutting the top part of that and place it in a shallow tray of water. Then, after there are enough roots, move them into the soil to give them enough nutrition to grow healthy.
  3. Lettuce
    When you are cooking lettuce, then you will be trim off the base of it because it hard to chew and some of them have some roots. So, the better way to make turn it into something useful is by letting it creating more roots by placing the trimmed part in shallow water or making it aesthetic, place it in a jar and let it hang on a toothpick to help the roots growing longer.
    Give them a couple of weeks to growing up and voila, your greens are ready to add to your salad bowl.
Image by Nikki Ovadia from Pixabay
  1. Scallion
    Scallion is considered the easiest veggies to regrow because you only need 3 days of waiting to see the roots filling up the jar where you put it.
    Just simply put the cut-off part in a jar of water (only the root part should be sink) and after a month it will be ready to harvest. Besides water, you can directly plant it in the soil if you desire.
  2. Sweet Potato
    There must be a time when you buy too much sweet potato since the seller offers you a great deal. So, the best way to treat the leftover is by place it in a glass of water (let it hang on a toothpick) and after a week there will be tons of roots that growing up happily on it. Just let it on the glass until all of the green filling up for your indoor plant or move it to the soil to make the roots growing into another sweet potato.
  3. Celery
    Slightly different from the lettuce, growing the leftover part of celery is just a piece of cake. New stalks will be growing after 3 days you put the trimmed part of the celery in water.