How To Celebrate Your Keto Cheat Day Without Ruining Your Diet

How To Celebrate Your Keto Cheat Day Without Ruining Your Diet

For some people, having a cheat day in the middle amidst of diet program can be such a reward after so long holding on to the desire to eat “normal food”. But, some other people think that having a cheating day in the middle of the diet program can be ruining the whole program and can lead to a big disaster which leads to gaining more weight instead.

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Do We Deserve To Have A Keto Cheat Day?
Yes, we deserve it! But, you deserve to have a cheat day after your body is used to the keto diet, simply to say when your body is well-adapted to processing a lot of amount of fat intake. If it still a week or two after you start your keto diet, then, we are not recommended you to have a cheat day because your body still in the adaptation stage, or else you need to going back to start and it will ruin everything.

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How To Do Keto Cheat Day In The Safest Way?
Well, after your body is ready to cheat and you can not resist joining your friend’s invitation to have a carb party then we will tell you the safest way to cheat and not ruining your keto diet program. Here are some foods that polite enough to be processed in your body. Let’s check it out!
Even potatoes have a high amount of carbs on it, but it is considered as a good carb which high in fiber, low calories, and contain vitamins and minerals. No wonder if potatoes are always on the top list of carbs supply for any other diet program. So, you may have in the right amount during your cheat day, because no one can resist when there is a potato chip or a bowl of potato soup was serve on the table.
Any fruit is always good to consume even if you are on diet or cheat day. But, you need to put some consideration into fruits which has many sugar levels on it such as mangoes, grapes, cherries, pears, and many more.
Even though the sugar contained in fruits is natural, but your body would process it like another sugar intake. So, it is better to play safe, right? Banana, guava, and avocado would be right to eat.

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If you can not any tolerance for gluten or grains, then having pasta which served by your buddy is always be okay. But, you need to tell your friend that a small amount would be okay because pasta is also loaded with sugar.
Having a keto diet for the sweet tooth is such a nightmare when you are craving something food to cheer up your day. And once the cheat day has come, control your hunger and get honey instead of any sugar intake. The sweetness of the honey is such a great reward for you to satisfy your sweet craving but it still good for your body to process it before going back to the diet program.