All The Things You Should Know About A Personal Chef

All The Things You Should Know About A Personal Chef

Do you ever hear about a personal chef? Yes, he/she is a chef for someone or a family. In this hustle-bustle world, people or household who does not have time to cook on their own, tend to hire a personal chef to cook their meal every day. Most of them who are hire personal chefs are willing to eat a homecooked meal rather than buy it in a restaurant, it may because they have specific taste buds or in a certain diet, so, hiring a personal chef is the only solution.

What Are Personal Chef Doing?

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Absolutely a personal chef will cook a meal based on the order of the family and they will get paid each meal they cook or per day. Simply to say, a personal chef has to be always ready on-site when a family desire to having a meal. They will cook the meal in the family or individual’s kitchen and store all of the food left on the fridge with a label for the owner’s convenience.

A personal chef mostly preparing weekly meals for a household or some of them are doing catering for the family if it is for a party. And if a person who hires the personal chef wants to learn about cooking, they should be teaching them. 

Cooking for a family or even a person for a certain time is quite challenging. There are people who only eat one menu for all season round, on the other hand, there is also a person who desires to eat different times every single time. It is not only challenging the chef cooking skill but also the way you manage your mind when doing the same things over and over or has to create any different menus every single time. It may look easier to satisfy one customer at a time than working in a restaurant who has tons of palate that should be satisfied, but it is quite hard in reality because most of them who hire a personal chef is someone who has sensitive taste buds that put every flavor in detail. 

What Do We Need To Become A Personal Chef?

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First of all, you need to be strong not only by mentality but also physically. A personal chef is a tough job, but surely, the latest study showed that people who work as a personal chef is giving 5 out of 5 stars on their job satisfaction level. 

Like a chef in a restaurant, you need to find out where to get the best ingredients as fresh as possible, so you need to do a small research on your client’s neighborhood beforehand to make it easier for you before do your job.

You need to build a good relationship with food product vendors to get the best deals for every scratch of the ingredients, surely it will help enough for you to do your job properly and would not be ruled out the possibility your client would be recommended you to their colleagues.

If you are not a culinary school graduated, you do not need to be discouraged because at the end of the day your cooking skill is the only thing that matters to become a personal chef.