All The Things About Sandwich

All The Things About Sandwich

Consisting of slices of meat and vegetables which placed between two slices of bread or more, a sandwich is the most common food in Western culture. Even though it can be also easily found in the Eastern, but still not as popular as in the Western since Eastern people tend to have rice or noodle to make their tummy full and call it “a meal”. But, as the day goes by, the sandwich has also become the part of the daily life of the Millenials all over the world because it is easy to eat and there are plenty of the breakfast stalls which offers sandwich to go.
But before anything, do you wonder who is the inventor of this delightful yet nutritious food? Let’s read this article thoroughly and you will find many fun facts and valuable information that you may never hear before.

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The History of Sandwich
The modern concept of a sandwich using two slices of bread was found in Europe in the 18th century, but the other sandwich-like food is also found in another of the world in the same century. So, it is still arguably where does its originates.
During the 19th century, the sandwich got its popularity along with the industrial society starts to rise at the same time. Due to its portable, easy to prepared, inexpensive, and can recharge the energy of the worker. No wonder, until nowadays sandwich is popular among the industrial worker.
By the early 20th century, as bread become the staple food of the American diet, sandwiches also get its place along with the popularity.

What Did They Call It?
As the popularity spread over the world, the sandwich has a different name based on where it exists. Before it got its name as a sandwich, people in the 16th century would call it bread and meat or bread and cheese. Until the Earl of Sandwich request for beef between two slices of bread and his friend began to order “the same as Sandwich”, so its got its name.
In the United States, the world sandwich is narrowed as two slices of bread, so the other sandwich-like food such as burritos, tacos, and quesadillas are out of the club.
In Spain, it is called as bocadillo to describe the food which made of items as we used to assembly a sandwich. The term goes the same in the Spanish speaking country such as Mexico.
In the United Kingdom and Australia, the word sandwich was getting narrowed for only “sandwich” which uses sliced bread from a loaf. They used the “roll” term to call an item with similar filling but using the entire bread roll cut horizontally in a half.
According to the Oxford Dictionary, sandwich (n) is an item of food consisting of two pieces of bread with meat, cheese, or other fillings between them, eaten as a light meal.

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The Varieties of Sandwich
In the United States, there are tons of kind of sandwich that offers many kinds of food stalls. From the sweet, vegan, buttery, until cheesy sandwich are easy to be found not only in the US but also all over the world. There are Cheese Sandwich, Hamburger, Club Sandwich, Croque Monsieur, French Dip, and many more.