All The Things About Basil

All The Things About Basil

Who on the earth doesn’t know about this fragrance veggies? It is easy to grow and has tons of benefits besides giving a special aroma to your dish. Some “basil lovers” grow it in their garden to have it fresh before adding to their dish but how about them who live in an apartment and don’t have any space to grow them? if you are looking for ways to store it freshly, then you are landing on the right page. But, before anything, you need to know first what is the benefits if you are consuming basil regularly. Let’s check them out!

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The Benefits of Basil
Prevent cancer cell to grow
The phytochemical content in basil leaves believed can help to fight the growth of the cancer cells in the liver, lungs, mouth, and skin.
Rich of nutrients
The basil leaves contained vitamin K which good for the process of blood clotting. Besides the Vitamin A contained in the basil leaves is good for developing and maintaining the body’s immune system. Besides, the basil leaves have potassium which taking a big part in regulating blood pressure, and magnesium on it to regulate muscle, heart, and nerve functions.
Having basil leaves on your dish and consume it regularly can prevent the adverse effect of free radicals which potentially can rising premature aging.
Reducing Oxidative Stress
The exposure of free radicals can be causing cell damage which called oxidative stress and it will be causing another disease on your body. The latest study shows that consumption of fresh basil regularly can rise up the antioxidant activity that can prevent oxidative stress.
Replacing iron lost during menstruation
Has high iron on it, the basil leaves are good to consume a little bit more when “that time of the month” is coming because it can be replacing the iron loss during the period.
Basil leaves have antibacterial substance on the leaves which can inhibit prevent the growth of bacteria in the digestive system.
Reducing Inflammation
Considered to be effective to help reduce the inflammation and swelling in the body, the study shows that the basil leaves extract can help reduce swelling up to 73% in 24 hours after applying.

Image by James C from Pixabay 

How To Store Fresh Basil Leaves
Once the basil plant is settling down on the right ground, it will continuously grow happily without stopped and the best way to keep the new leaves grow is trimming the oldest leaves.
Drying the leaves
The drying basil is good to bring your soup, salad, or another stew up to another level.
Step 1. Pinch the leaves and spread them well (do not overlap) on parchment paper.
Step 2. Let it be and it will naturally be dried for a few days.
Step 3. Once it is dried, crush them and store it in a beautiful jar.
Freezing the leaves
On the other hand, if you want to cook the basil as fresh as when it is trimmed, you can store it by freezing them in the freezer.
Step 1. Pinch the leaves and rinse them well in the flowing water.
Step 2. Drain it until there is no water left on the leaves. Once waiting for its getting drained, fill the ice cubes trays with water.
Step 3. Then, place the drained basil for about 3-5 leaves for each cube in the ice cubes trays and put them in the freezer for at least a day.