A Complete Guide: L’Epuisette Restaurant in France

Located between Malmousque and the Catalans, L’Epuisette offering you a great fine dining experience when in France. Precisely it is in the Endoume district (7th), the Vallon des Auffes. As it is situated in a small Marseille fishing port, the scenery that you can expect is like in a postcard. It’s incredible. So, if you are not only looking for good food to rescue your hunger but also quiet yet calm vibes to embrace the moment, then, this place is good to go.
Here is some valuable information that you need to know before deciding to grab a seat at L’Epuisette.
Ready to explore? Here we go!

The Restaurant

Image from l-epuisette.fr

The comes and go the small fishing boats also bring a soothing feeling and beautiful to see like no other places in the city. It will bring you back to memory lane when a couple of centuries ago before industrial society start to change how people living their life.
The pastel color of the rock is radiating its beauty through the orange sunset which contrasts with the deep blue Mediterranean Sea. The best time to visit the restaurant is before sunset anyway. Especially if you are a photography enthusiast, you need to make sure that you have plenty of space on your memory card and your camera battery is full because you need to catch the moment when the sun goes down to the horizon by leaving a heartful orange light in the whole universe.
Once you take your step into the restaurant, you will be able to see a great view of elegance artworks that radiating through every corner of the dining room. The decoration is perfectly matched the breathtaking scenery outside the windows which you can not find in any other place.

The Man Behind The Menus

Image from l-epuisette.fr

He is their one and only Guillaume Sourrieu who cooks instinctively every day by drawing on his experience and inspirations which he gets from traveling from around the world.
Through his hand, he offers local and Mediterranean cuisine to the guest of the L’Epuisette Restaurant. All of the dishes were made from fresh ingredients which brought to the restaurant daily by its supplier.
Guillaume Sourrieu already cooks tons of menus in L’Epuisette Restaurant since 1999 after a long journey in many famous kitchens such as Bernard Loiseau, Petit Nice, TROISGROS, the Auberge du Père Bise, and many other famous restaurants.
Guillaume Sourrieu is well-known for his Lobster Tagine which sublimating the crustacean with the subtlety of a spiced broth and becomes his signature dish that always becomes the favorite menu to order by the guests.

The Cave

Image from l-epuisette.fr

Fine dining never is perfect without some sips of wine, so, the chef preparing a wide range selection of wine from all regions of France and some from foreign.
the wine was store meticulously at 11 Celcius degrees with a humidity rate of 85% natural. The location of the wine storage is perfect since it is located in an underground cellar which also gets neutral light to optimize the aging.
In their underground cellar, they have about 70% white wines collection which comes from France, cities in Europe, and any other continents. Followed by 20% red wines which most of them are from local. And 10% of Rose also perfectly stores in the underground cellar.