8 Most Popular Street Food Around The World

8 Most Popular Street Food Around The World

Traveling in another country for a while can be one of the alternatives for your tired soul to regain more energy and to experience that there is another part of the world that has a different culture, race, and climate.
Besides visiting the most popular landmark in the country, experiencing the country’s culture through your taste buds is not a bad idea. Tons of restaurants would be great but street food is also worth trying. Since it is quite easy to get because almost all of the city in every country has an area which provides a thousand stands for the street food seller. And here the most popular street food around the world based on the country.

Image by Lawson Yamazaki from Pixabay 

Meat Pies (Australia)
Affordable price and savory are the right words to describe how grateful we are to have a Meat Pie in Australia. You can easily find this hearty dish almost everywhere in the country and for you who are vegan, you can also easily find the seller which offers vegetables as a substitute for the meat.

Arepa (Colombia)
Good news for you who on a diet program and looking for something to filling up your tummy when in Colombia because you can try to get some bites of Arepa which is gluten-free. Arepa is good to have it as plain, but asking for an egg or other filling is not a bad idea.

Sugar Cane Juice (Egypt)
Surely, you will need to cool down your body while strolling around in Egypt, and Sugar Cane Juice should be on the top list to get when you are exploring the city.
But there is a popular issue that drinks sugar can juice is not good for your health since the sugar cane was processed raw and the unhygienic conditions of the cane. So, it would be better if you find a food stand that guarantees the hygiene of the ingredients.

Pupusa (El Salvador)
Topped with vegetables and chili peppers, a pupusa is a corn tortilla filled with refried beans, cheese, and salty pork. Pupusa is the most famous street food in El Salvador, so finding a food stand that offers it is just a piece of cake.

Image by Jonathan Valencia from Pixabay 

Chuchito (Guatemala)
Have a similar shape to a Mexican tamale, Chuchito is shredded meat and vegetables which stuffed in a mass of boiled corn husk. What makes it different from tamale is the fresh guacamole, salsa, and cabbage which spread over the dish.
You can easily find this savory dish in every corner of the city in Guatemala.

Bugatsa (Greece)
Can be easily found on Greek Island, Bugatsa is one of the street food that you need to try while you are on the island. Since the atmosphere of the island will make you forgot about the diet.
Bugatsa is a pastry filled with cream and cheese, and for the sweetness, they sprinkle plenty of powdered sugar.

Baleada (Honduras)
Made of wheat flour, Baleada stands out among the authentic Central American streetfood that always made of corn-based. Filled with beans, cheese, eggs, and meat, you will get your stomach full and forget about your dinner.

Langos (Hungary)
The aroma of the Langos which served along with sour cream over the top is no joke. This street food is a fried bread that you can mostly find in every market in Hungary.

Dumpling (China)
You are never been to China before you have a bite of dumplings. There would be tons of food stand in every city in China which offers fresh steamed dumpling which has pork, shrimp, or anything as the filling.