6 Mistakes To Avoid When Seasoning Your Dish

Seasoning your dish is the main key to enhance the flavor based on your desire and your own preference. It can be turned into such a disaster hen you failed to get the taste that you want, whether it is over-seasoned or less-seasoned. So, here some common mistakes that you may ever do when seasoning your food. Keep scrolling!

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay
  1. Using Pre-Ground Black Pepper
    As an important seasoning thing, black pepper is mostly found in every dish in the universe, whether it is an authentic cuisine or the modified one. Most people enjoying a black pepper as it is, a spice that has a rough texture and the spiciness is popping on the mouth once you munch the particle. Besides, when you grind a spice the “real taste” of the spice will evaporate if you are not directly used it. So, for better taste, you need to grind the black pepper a second before sprinkle on your food. Moreover, there is plenty of grinders which affordable and easy to use.
  2. Afraid To Get Salty
    Salt is the key to the boldness of your food and if your dish is lacking salt, it can be bland and all of the seasoning complement also lost its spotlight. Knowing the saltiness level of the salt is the best way that you could do to rescue your food from the bland. For example, if the recipe leads that you need a teaspoon of kosher salt but there is only a table salt in your kitchen, then you need to put half of teaspoon table salt because table salt is twice as salty by volume as kosher salt.
  3. Adding Dried Herbs Too Late
    Herbs are commonly known to add a special fragrance to your dish and have an important nutrient which good for your health. So, adding them to your dish is such an excellent idea and most of them are dried to make it easier to store. But, you need to add the dried herbs at the beginning of cooking because dried herbs take more time to activate and dried herbs have less volatile oils so it needs more heat to their aroma to bloom.
Image by Taken from Pixabay 
  1. Forgot To Taste
    This kind of mistake mostly happens when we are running out of time while cooking and it can be turned into a big disaster. The right way to do is tasting right after you have done put all of the ingredients and seasoning.
  2. Expired Ground Spices
    We are rarely checking the expired date of the ground spices since it is a dried powder, we often have it in a large amount and store it for a year. So it is better to check on them regularly at least once a month and marked the one which soon to expire.
  3. Using MSG
    Monosodium Glutamate is always come in the end to rescuing your dish from the bland if salt and pepper cannot. All of the flavors that you need to be exist in your dish will greatly be created by adding a little amount of MSG. But, on the other hand, it can overly cover all of the taste which released by the other seasoning. So, it would be better to add them just when you really need to adjust the taste at the right amount.