5 Kind of  Tea To Brew For Your Healthy Life

5 Kind of Tea To Brew For Your Healthy Life

In some years, the tea house in every city in the world growing rapidly as much as coffee shops on every corner of the street. But, do you know the reason behind the growth? Yes, it is because people start to realize that tons of tea exist in this world and it is worth taking some sips.
From day-to-day, the researchers keep studying and invent any kind of tea that will help people to reduce consuming medicine to cure their health problems.

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Besides the benefits that you will get after consuming some cups of tea, there is also such a charm while you are getting immersed by the aroma of the tea from the cup before you take some sips, it’s aesthetic!
Here are 10 kinds of tea which invent from all around the world that you need to try along with the benefits that you will get after taking some sips of the tea. Keep scrolling and you may take some notes!

1. Black Tea
Black tea is coming from green tea leaves which fermented and oxidated so the process will turn the leaves into black. The caffeine contained in black tea is knowing as the highest among the other tea. With those nutrient content, black tea has benefits to lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes. Besides, your immune system will be getting healthier with the right amount of black tea consumption.
There is a lot of delicious ways to enjoy black tea. If you do not desire to drink it in plain taste, you can add some lemon juice over it and you will never be getting bored by its taste.

2. White Tea
As one of the least processed tea, white tea has a high amount of antioxidants which good to fight the cancer cells in the human body. Another benefit that you will get by taking some sips of white tea is lowing the cholesterol and blood pressure in your body.

3. Green Tea
The most popular tea in the world goes to green tea which has tons of benefits on it such as prevent aging, reducing bad cholesterol, boost metabolism for weight loss, and even it can be applied directly to your skin as the skin nutrient.
Since the green tea has a lesser process than the other tea, the antioxidant which contained on it is high.

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4. Oolong Tea
If we put the characteristics of the teas in a diagram, the oolong tea would be placed between the green and black tea. Based on the process, the oolong tea is slightly oxidized, so it will not come out as black as black tea but also not green anymore like green tea.
The benefits are also among the two, it is good for weight loss and it has high caffeine on it. As for the taste, the oolong tea has a fruity flavor.

5. Red Bush Tea
Originally come from South Africa, Red Bush Tea also called Rooibos. The antioxidants contained in this tea are good to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Besides, it is good for skin irritation and this is can be an alternative for you who have caffeine allergic but want to have a tea time because Red Bush Tea is caffeine-free.