5 Tips To Make Delightful Roasted Veggies Like A Pro

5 Tips To Make Delightful Roasted Veggies Like A Pro

One of the very best ways to make vegetables attracted your kids to eat is by roasting it. It doesn’t even need a lot of seasoning and only takes a minimum of cooking time. Surely, the right way to roasting the veggies will make it taste better than any meat (well, I guess) and you won’t get bored by its taste since every veggie has its own natural taste which differs for each kind. Eager to learn more about how to roast delightful veggies? Keep scrolling through this article and you may take some notes!

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Choose Your Best Veggies!
Nearly all kinds of vegetables are always delightful to be roasted and it won’t disappoint you by its taste. You can combine it to get a colorful plate for your kids or you can also just simply baked any veggies that you found on your fridge. As the day goes by, you will found out that you are not put any interest in certain veggies by eating raw but you will found it delicious when it getting roasted.
When we talk about how people in the past roasted the veggies, all you find is a roasted potato. Because it is quite filling and flavorful after you add some rosemary, garlic, salt & pepper, and olive oil. Nothing can beat the taste and the texture of the roasted potatoes.
Prepare The Veggies
Slice the veggies based on the size that you are desire. If you want it a little crisp on the outside but still juicy on the inside, then you should cut it a little bit bigger. After that, toss it in a bowl or directly on the baking sheet along with olive oil until it well coated. (*pro tip: do not use too much oil, only until every side getting coated is enough)
Baking Time!
The length of the baking time is also playing a big part during the cooking process. It will be easy to control if you are roasting one kind of veggies, but it will need an extra effort if you bake 3 kinds or more veggies at one time.
You do not need to overthink it, just place the longest baked one into the oven first and followed with the quick baked. Otherwise, you can also just simply the longest baked veggies smaller the quickest.

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If you loved to have a simple flavor on your veggies, salt & pepper would be done. But just in case you want to make it a bit more tasteful, adding some herbs such as cinnamon, nutmeg, or curry powder while you roasting the veggies is also not a bad idea. And Rosemary, fresh parsley, mint, and any other herbs are good to go.
On the other hand, roasting the veggies with fresh parsley or mint can be ruined the taste of the veggies, for a better taste you may add it after roasted.
What Is The Best Partner of Roasted Veggies?
A fresh dip would be the perfect partner for roasted veggies if you want to enjoy it as a light dinner.