4 Knife Skills That Has To Be Mastered By The Beginner Cook

4 Knife Skills That Has To Be Mastered By The Beginner Cook

Knowing the knife skills before becoming a master chef in your own kitchen or a professional chef is a must. Taking a big part of the cooking process, knife skills are required to turn the scratch into incredible meals which served on the table. Knives are the essential tools that have to owned by everybody who cooked, not only a professional chef.

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How To Find A Good Knife?
Before anything, you need to know what is the best knife which suitable for your needs in the kitchen. A good knife should be balanced between the handle and the front part because it will be affected by the way you grab it and use it. When a knife is comfortable to grab on your hand and it is not too heavy to handle, then it is a good knife with balance.
Whether you are learning to cook only for a hobby or for a professional reason, having a set of knives would be giving you a lot of help. A set of knives should be at least include an 8-inch chef’s knife, an 8-inch bread knife, a 4.5-inch parer, and kitchen shears.
The construction of the knife also holds an important role when you are trying to mastering some knife skills. The cheap materials will make your knife can not last for a long and it will only make you need another time to buy a new one. So, the more pricy the material is better in so many ways.
Don’t be discouraged if everything in this article is still new and strange to you, because a good skill is born by millions of practices and failures. You don’t have to be great to start but you have to start to be great!

What Are Those Knife Skills?

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The first knife skills that you need to master before become a great cook are mincing. This skill is required when you have to add a small cut of veggies or seasoning.

What is it? If it is the first time you know it, then you still have a long way to go in the kitchen. But, leave all your worry outside the kitchen because it just only fancies at the term. Simply to say, julienne in cooking is meant to cut the ingredients into long and thin strips.
This skill is required when you are preparing to make a decoration on your dish, mostly when you need to pack your kids’ meal.

Considered as the easiest knife skill, diced may be the first skill mastered by most of us. When you are dicing an ingredient, there is no certain size required, you can only just dice everything freely. Even, some professional cook cut the ingredient in a different size to make it look more aesthetic.

According to the Oxford dictionary, chopping means to cut something into pieces with repeated sharp blows of an axe or knife. There is so much fun that can be found while we are chopping the ingredient while cooking. It is like mincing skill but different in the size, simply to say it like the bigger version of the mince.