4 Basic Rules On Cooking

4 Basic Rules On Cooking

Working on your meals in the kitchen is a tough but easy job after you know what is the basic rules to manage everything you need. Time, tools, ingredients, and technique is some aspects where you need to put your concern, otherwise, you will not be able to control everything in the kitchen.

If we stick to the basic rules, we will be able to save more time and money. Besides, good food is not always come from its taste but also from how the way we prepare it. So, without wasting any time, here are the 5 basic rules that you need to follow when you are preparing a meal!

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Cook Based on The Ingredients, Not on The Recipe

As a newbie on cooking, you may stick up and follow every instruction on what the recipe said. It is good because the recipe was made by them who experienced in a certain dish, but if you can make it better to meet your satisfaction, why not?

For example, when the recipe told you to have green beans but all you can find on the fridge is only edamame, just go with the wind. It will bring a new taste to the recipe and by the time goes by you will be able to learn the characteristics of every ingredient.

Keep Your Kitchen and Tools Clean

The cleanliness of your kitchen and tools will define your whole in cooking. Imagine you are entering your kitchen in the mood to cook a delightful dish but you find out that the pot you loved the most is still full of the leftover dish from yesterday. So, without any other options, you need to clean up first before starting to prepare the ingredients. It will distract your focus and wasting some percent of your energy to clean up your kitchen. 

A Good Knife For A Good Mood

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Believe it or not, the effort that you put into a cut or a slice of something will define the quality of your meals. Besides, if you cut your ingredients well, you will be satisfied to processed them until it becomes a plate of delicious meals and you will be eager to try another recipe. If you are still on a beginner level when it comes to cooking, do not be discouraged because you will only need to practice more and more until you are mastering the cutting skill.

Double The Portion

This point will help you a lot to manage your time in the kitchen, especially if you only have limitless time in the kitchen. Cooking a portion of chicken soup is not giving any different even a minute with you cooking three portions of them. You can keep it freeze and warm it in the microwave before you have it on the other day.

Find Out Your Food

Figuring out what kind of food you or your family loved the most will make you easier to prepare it from time to time and it will be increasing your cooking skill. Besides, it can make you desire to create a new menu since your taste buds will start too bored to eat the same meals every day.